Sleepers Dream

SKU: 0021

Daylilies Included in Sleepers Dream:

- Dream Lover

- Dream Sequence

- Dream World

- Dream Catcher


*A $40 Value For $20*


    Keep your original receipt from purchase.  If your plant dies before the year is up, you'll need it for both a refund or store credit. If the plant dies within 90 days of purchase you will receive a refund within a 90-day return window.  After 90 days you have the option either have to exchange it for another one or receive a store credit.


    Plants will be shipped as roots with a 3-4" growth of green leaf on each root. The single root with growth is 1 fan, or Qty 1. Plants will be dug and shipped to you within the growing season.  Shipments will begin May 1st continuing through September 1st. If your order is placed outside of this window the shipment will processed for shipment May 1st. These are live plants and will need attention to get them into the ground quickly once received.

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