Join Us at the Farm

The farm is open to the public during bloom, June 1st - August 1st. At this time we invite you to take a ride on the golf cart or take a walk around the farm and fields. Along your way we hope you will learn about production agriculture and get to see the beautiful blooming fields. Don't forget to download and read over the Farm and Flowerbed Rules before you visit.


On Farm Hours: 

 June 1st - August 1st

Wed - Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday: 8am - 6pm

Sunday: 1pm - 5pm

What to expect upon arrival?

Once you arrive at the farm we will show you the fields where you can spend as much time as needed walking through the fields picking the perfect flowers for your home garden or property. Once you have selected the perfect plants we will dig the flowers and package them for you. 


Be ready to walk on sand paths. For those who prefer a ride we can accommodate that as well. A golf cart is available to drive you through and around each flower field.   

A:   11500 Darby Creek Road

Orient, OH 43146

T:   614-809-8538


Last Day 2019 ** JULY 27th ***

WED - FRI:  9am - 4pm 

SATURDAY:   8am - 4pm 

SUNDAY:   1pm - 4pm 

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