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Our online store is great for purchasing some of our products but we encourage you to check out the products we have available on the farm only. Click the different links to learn about what other products we have to offer like Hostas or decorative stone. Since we offer a specific selection of daylilies in our online store see our searchable spreadsheet for our dayliles on the farm. It is the master inventory for our Daylily selection and can help you find the perfect plant for your home.

We are Ohio Department of Agriculture Certified, that our nursery stock has been inspected in compliance with O.R.C 927.59 and have been found free of injurious insects and plant diseases. The certificate permits the sale of our nursery stock.

A:   11500 Darby Creek Road

Orient, OH 43146

T:   614-809-8538


Last Day 2019 ** JULY 27th ***

WED - FRI:  9am - 4pm 

SATURDAY:   8am - 4pm 

SUNDAY:   1pm - 4pm 

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