Farm Map

Above: A birds eye view of the Darby Creek Farm. The blue box indicates our parking area, the farm entrance is starred, and Darby Creek Road is the red line.


Beds Located on F1:
Yellow: A Bed
Green: B Bed
Light Blue: C Bed
Blue: D Bed
Pink: E Bed
Purple: F Bed
Dark Blue: G Bed
Beds Located on F2: 
Green: Hosta Bed
Red: Garden Bed
Orange: Roye's Bed
Yellow: Valley Bed


Directions to the Farm:

  • From the North: Take 71 S to Exit 94 for Harrisburg. Turn left off of the exit ramp onto 62 S. Take for 2.4 miles then turn left at the light onto Darby Creek Road.  The Darby Tavern will be to your left. Take this road for 2.6 miles and turn left at the gravel driveway with the "R-Farm Seed and Gravel " sign out front.

  • From the South: Take 62 S through Mount Sterling. You will be on this stretch for many miles, landmarks to look for are Bubbas Corner (on your right) then Tony's Coneys (on your left). Continue to the light at the bottom of the hill and turn onto St Rt 762 / Darby Creek Road (turning at the Darby Tavern).  Do not go over the river, this will be Darby Creek Rd.  Take this road for 2.6 miles and turn left at the gravel driveway with the "R-Farm Seed and Gravel" sign.  

 *Please note that some online mapping systems will tell you you have arrived before you have reached the farm. Please look for the "R-Farm Seed and Gravel" sign out front, it is green and white.*

A:   11500 Darby Creek Road

Orient, OH 43146

T:   614-809-8538


Last Day 2019 ** JULY 27th ***

WED - FRI:  9am - 4pm 

SATURDAY:   8am - 4pm 

SUNDAY:   1pm - 4pm 

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